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George SwindellsAirport Taxis Bournemouth (Horizon Private Hire)

“I’m getting calls every day and booking lots of airport runs – it’s the most effective advertising we’ve ever tried.”

Matthew(Owner Painter & Decorator Southampton)

“From the first month I have received 12+ new customer leads each month. This has continued and we are receiving this level of new customers every month.”

Bing PPC

Microsoft don’t give up, do they? They have managed to wrestle ten per cent of search engine traffiic away from all-conquering Google with their Bing search engine. We run Google Adwords campaigns for 1,000 clients around the UK. Bing now allows us to replicate these campaigns on to their own search engine, where prices are slightly different and where many special offers are to be had. Bing offer strong incentives to tempt in new clients and your account manager will be taking advantage of these to bring you new business.

Both Google and Bing reward advertisers for running relevant advertising campaigns. They want your ad to be relevant to the exact keywords that people type into the search engine. As long as the results are relevant, people will keep using the search engines. So Google and Bing offer huge incentives if you get this right. Not only must the service or product you offer be exactly what people are looking for, the advert and the web page people land on also have to be exactly right. When it is right, the price of clicks is reduced by up to 70%. If wrong they can be increased by 30%. This is one reason why many pay-per-click campaigns go wrong.


Google Ads

As Google Ads Certified Partners we are fully qualified to create and manage effective ads to drive business your way.


SEO Marketing

With hundreds of websites and keyword searches at position one and page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo we have a proven track record in putting your business in front of potential customers.


100s of Websites

With SEO, pay-per-click, copywriting and web design all under one roof we have created hundreds of campaigns for our customers nationwide.