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Case Study

COMPANY: Solent Conservatories
BASED: Portsmouth Area
DIGITAL INCUBATOR SERVICES: Google Ads, SEO, Website Development, Newspaper Advertising

A WEBSITE designed and produced by the Digital Incubator generates an average two enquiries every day. About two-thirds of these enquiries come from a Google Ads campaign which advertises the company at the very top of Google. About a third come from the organic non-paid-for positions on Google. Our SEO team have got the company the top organic listing on Google when customers type in “conservatories”. If people type “orangeries” they will find Solent Conservatories have the third organic listing.

Sales director Ash said: “The Adwords team constantly monitor deals offered by national firms so as well as being above them on Google, we also offer better value. It’s an irresistible combination and it wins us business every day.”

COMPANY: Novaseal
BASED: Southampton Area
DIGITAL INCUBATOR SERVICES: Google Ads, SEO, Website Development

Bi-fold sales exploded for Novaseal after Digital Incubator marketing professionals recommended developing a specialist website rather than simply including bi-fold doors along with other products on the company’s main website. When customers search online for bi-fold doors they are more likely to buy from a specialist website because they feel the company is more likely to have exactly what they are looking for.

Sales of all other products have also increased with targeted Google Ads campaigns for each product, like double-glazing and replacement doors. Sales boss Gary said: “The Digital Incubator has put us on the map in this area and the effect on sales has been extraordinary.”

Home Improvement


HOME Improvements firms around the UK rely on the Digital Incubator to generate new business. Clients include companies selling double-glazing, conservatories, bi-fold doors, home extensions, garages, sheds and outbuildings.

All our clients face fierce competition from national companies with multi-million pound advertising budgets. We are experts at winning business for small to medium-sized local companies that would otherwise have gone to the big boys. Our Google Ads and SEO experts will ensure your message is seen before your rivals – for a fraction of the cost. And we love to promote the advantages of Buying Local.

We only represent one business in any town so we can ensure everyone searching online will see your business first. You will receive all the leads we generate directly by phone or email exclusively and our Adwords team can start your phone ringing today. Call now to join the Plumber Network – before you miss the chance. 01329 710 310.


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