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Facebook advertising is NOT suitable for all businesses – but is it right for yours? Find out with our free report.

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Ash(Solent Conservatories Stubbington, Hants)

“Our Facebook leads are great in terms of conversions and they come in at a much cheaper rate than other advertising.”

Tunde(Auto Pavilion Coventry)

“We had 657 likes on yesterday’s post and it looks like we will sell two or three cars from it – for a £7 spend. Keep it up!”


Social Media Services

Facebook advertising is the biggest marketing sensation since Google Ads (they are coming thick and fast these days but don’t worry, we keep up).

But the first thing that has to be said is – Facebook advertising is NOT for every business. Facebook is continually developing its advertising service and it changes all the time. One of the major changes it has made is to allow people to advertising on the Facebook news feed. So as people scroll up and down looking at news from their friends, adverts pop up and they don’t even look like ads. Just posts. The best thing of all is – people like it! Well, they like it if the ads are designed and written in the right way. And this type of advertising is not suitable for every business.

Our starting point is to determine whether your business fits the criteria. If it doesn’t we advise against Facebook advertising.

If it does, we will devise and action a campaign which has two distinct aims. Building your “fan” base – the number of people Liking your page – and sending people to your website.

By building your fan base we will create an audience which you will be able to advertise to – FREE of charge.

Separate adverts will be designed to bring people to your website – and we will be able to track and monitor every visit, letting you know exactly how many contacts you have had from each advert.

Other social media platforms are used to help build your audience.


Google Ads

As Google Ads Certified Partners we are fully qualified to create and manage effective ads to drive business your way.


SEO Marketing

With hundreds of websites and keyword searches at position one and page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo we have a proven track record in putting your business in front of potential customers.


100s of Websites

With SEO, pay-per-click, copywriting and web design all under one roof we have created hundreds of campaigns for our customers nationwide.